Jensen Greiftechnik

... is specialised in the field of gripper technology for flexible components permeable to air, for example textiles, foam, fibre mats, etc.. We offer a wide selection of products as well as customised solutions.

Your handling problems – our “Gripping” solutions

We offer an extensive assortment of different gripping solutions

Our specialised field includes breathable, limp material e.g. Textile, Foam, Net or Composite materials. Here we offer an extensive standard range of pneumatic needle grippers that are always available from stock. If we don’t have what you need in stock we can work together to develop the best solution.

Jensen Greiftechnik combines construction, research and development, production and assembly under one roof. This enables us to use our flat hierarchy to rapidly adjust to meet our customers’ requirements.

Our Know-How has developed over the years allowing us to add Gripping pliers, fingers and similar tools to our standard stock.

If you wish we can construct complete gripping hands to meet your requirements.

Specialised in gripper technology for components permeable to air

Needle grippers

for everything that cannot be vacuumed lifted.

In our specialised field – Needle Grippers - we offer extensive solution possibilities for almost every material where Vacuum and other gripping technology fails. Be it small foam beads, nets or soft wood fibre boards, we have the solution you require. With the extensive accessories we have available we will be able to connect to your existing system at any time. We offer solutions for all branches regardless, whether you are in Automobile construction, Food industry, Aerospace or even Prefabricated house construction. 

We would be pleased to demonstrate, either at our works or at your location, how our product is the right choice for the materials that you use.

Grippers to meet your needs

Grippers developed for you.

Are you planning a new production line, a new product or do you want to optimize your work flow or make it easier for your employees when handling heavy materials?

We can help you achieve any or all of these requirements. As we make almost all of our components in house it’s no problem for us to work with you to develop the right gripping solution in a timely manner.

Try us out! 

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