Engineering to your needs will be our start point!

Each product has different properties, having special requirements for the grippers. Therefore, it is not always possible to use a standard gripper. We offer individual gripper solutions optimized for your product. Please ask without commitment!


Our company is specialized in gripper technology and we will try first to find a solution within our large product range because this affects the costs of your specific task positive.


Based on the first idea for a new product, a sketch will be created and transferred into a CAD drawing. Up-to-date computer technology allows us to create a 3D model promptly.


Our modern CNC machine shop and a well-trained and competent team helps us to offer you our gripper solution at an attractive price and your production can start with suitable tools.


  • Short cycle times from conception to prototype

  • Cost effective through the use of standard components

  • Reduction of downtime

  • One-off production as well as small batch production

What can we manufacture for you?

The NHS needle gripper – in a special version for the construction materials industry

Construction material, for example polystyrene, rockwool, glass wool, wood fiber insulation, etc. cannot be lifted by vacuum suction cups due to the air-permeable material characteristics. Jensen Greiftechnik GmbH offers various gripping solutions in order to be able to safely grip and handle these mostly large-area components in the production process.



By pricking with straight or curved needles into the component a positive-fit gripping is possible. The systematic arrangement of the gripper on a device makes it possible to lift components and move it with a lifting device by only one employee. This works as well with large and heavy components.